We Celebrate Our 5th Anniversary This July, 2015

It was on July 20, 2010 when SignEasy launched first on the App Store. It has been 5 years, and we’re feeling nostalgic.
Here is a timeline of highlights that have shaped SignEasy.


It all started in Mexico with an idea

While our founder Sunil Patro was enjoying a beach vacation in Mexico, he received a job offer from a Palo Alto based startup to accept asap. After spending 3 hours and 50 bucks to print a 10 page document, sign and fax the offer letter back, he set his mind to come up with an easier and simpler solution to sign documents for people.

Aug 2009

Team of 2 started working together from San Francisco and Bangalore

Sunil meets Loganathan through a friend's introduction in India who joined as the first engineer to build an iPhone app to sign documents.

Oct 2009

SignEasy launched on Apple App Store

After 8 months of prototyping and research, we launch on Apple AppStore in our original name of EasySign as one of the first mobile electronic signature apps in the world.

July 2010

SignEasy's first product demo

Our founder Sunil presents the App demo at the SFNewTech public event for the first time, which is one of the Bay Area’s largest and longest-running technology event and networking mixer for product demos.

Oct 2010

Introduced the email integration for signing documents

Using "Open In" feature of iOS platform, SignEasy introduces the world's first document signing workflow on the mobile where the user taps on an email attachment to open the document, sign with just a finger on the document and finalizes the document, all under few minutes.

Nov 2010
Person Sign

Introduced in-person signing

With the ability to handle unto 3 different signatures on a document, SignEasy users can now collect signatures from their customers, partners or visitors on the spot to close a deal or agree to a contract instantly.

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SignEasy launched on iPad

SignEasy introduces the iPad version of the app based on customer requests and makes the paperwork even much simpler and easier by leveraging the big screen of tablets.

May 2011

'App of the Day' on LifeHacker

SignEasy gets featured as the app of the day for making it easier and simpler to sign documents for productivity oriented individuals.

Jun 2011

Supported international languages

As the app gained traction, we realized the need to go international and made the first step towards it by supporting the European languages.

Jul 2011

Featured on CNBC Young Turks

Sunil Patro speaks about the vision of the company and its apps in CNBC Young Turks, a national TV segment featuring technology entrepreneurs from India.

Sep 2011

SignEasy launched for Android in Google Play Store

Because of Android growing leaps and bounds, SignEasy released the first version of its Android App.

Oct 2011

Integrated with Cloud storage services

SignEasy integrates with Dropbox, Box and more to allow users to access their preferred cloud storage service to import, sign and save documents back.

Jan 2012

Rebranded to SignEasy

We rebrand to our new name SignEasy, reflecting the company's vision of providing a platform and device agnostic solution to provide the best experience for electronic signatures across all devices.

Jun 2012

Featured in Apps at Work on Apple site and got on PandoDaily

As an app developer, this was one of the best months for SignEasy. We got featured in the "Apps at Work" section of Apple’s homepage. PandoDaily also covers us announcing our Evernote integration.

Nov 2012

Featured in Top 10 Essential Business Apps

SignEasy's growth helps in Apple recommending it as a top 10 essential business apps.

Dec 2012

SignEasy launched on Blackberry 10 App World

We launched on Blackberry 10 platform recognizing that the niche Blackberry users strive to be productive and efficient in their jobs.

Mar 2013
Android Redesign

Redesigned Android App v3.0 launched

As Google's Android platform matured with its design, so did we!

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Joined Microsoft Ventures Accelerator program

SignEasy joins the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Bangalore, to leverage its extensive resources, strong ties to diverse industries and access to a large network of mentors and advisors.

Aug 2013
Apple Redesign

Launched completely redesigned iOS7 App

SignEasy unveiled a complete redesign of the iOS app by focusing on iOS7 design and improved user experience. The key benefits include a more fluid and intuitive user interface, fewer taps to sign documents, and the ability to edit offline, allowing users to finish paperwork from anywhere.

Apr 2014

Ranked in the top 10 downloaded business apps for iPhone and iPad

SignEasy gets featured on App Store home page as a best new apps, climbs upto 2nd rank in iPad business apps and 5th rank for iPhone business apps.

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Featured in TwIT show by Leo Laporte

JohnnyJet talks about SignEasy as app of the week in one of the most popular online tech show by Leo Laporte.

May 2014

Received the Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award

We receive the coveted Frost & Sullivan Award India Technology Leadership Award for 2014 for best innovation in mobile eSignatures.

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Finger print

SignEasy iOS app gets Touch-ID authentication support

Now users can sign documents with biometric authentication for that extra peace of mind.

Oct 2014

#1 spot among AppStore’s Business Apps

Proud moment as SignEasy’s iOS app breaks into #1 spot among grossing business apps in the US Appstore.

Feb 2015

Launched the iOS8 extension

SignEasy launched the iOS extension to enable a seamless document signing experience inside hundreds of third party apps.

Mar 2015

We got featured by Apple!

Apple features SignEasy among Best New Apps for Business in over 60 countries worldwide.

Mar 2015

Featured in the iPad campaign

Apple showcases ease of eSignature for SMBs by featuring SignEasy in “Everything changes with iPad” ad campaign.

May 2015

Got featured in App Store’s Next Gen Business Apps

SignEasy was selected by Apple in its list of 10 Next Gen Business Apps in App Store.

June 2015

And, this would not have been possible without the support of our customers, advisors and mentors.

Thank you so much!